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The principal attorney at Lippe & Associates, Emil Lippe, Jr., has been practicing law in Texas and appearing in many other states, since 1973.  He is the successful attorney in the landmark case for interpretation of contracts in Texas, Coker v. Coker, 650 S.W.2d 391 (Tex.1983).  He has also litigated many contract disputes, and claims both for plaintiffs and defendants involving the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Sec.17.41 et seq., Texas Business & Commerce Code.  He has represented clients involved in various aspects of the cryo industry, from importers, to manufacturers, to marketing and operations.  This industry has few developed standards, and use of a law firm with experience in this field gives you a significant advantage over competitors without access to this expertise,

The Cryolegal Division of Lippe & Associates has years of experience in representation of companies involved in the importation, manufacture, installation, and operation  of  cryosaunas for therapeutic use.  While cryosaunas have been widely used for many years in Europe, their availability has been very limited in the United States until recent years.  In just the last several years, the popularity of cryosaunas for therapeutic use has risen dramatically.   Since these devices are not medical equipment, they are not subject to government regulation, such as by the FDA.  Until recently, with the advent of THE CRYOPOLICY INSTITUTE, there has been no international uniformity in standards for the design, manufacture, operation, and ongoing support for these devices.   Cryosaunas present unique and challenging legal issues to the business owner seeking to utilize them safely and properly, and in a cost-efficient manner.  Lippe & Associates has been retained to handle various challenging legal issues involving cryosaunas, and believes that it is uniquely positioned to provide effective, timely, and cost-efficient legal advice in the acquisition, installation, setup, and ongoing operation of cryosaunas.

Importance of Design and Quality Manufacture


Cryo therapy devices, or cryosaunas, utilize liquid nitrogen released into a controlled environment with a minimally clothed client inside.  The liquid nitrogen is stored in containers under high pressure, and released through a carefully monitored and controlled series of decompression chambers and piping into the chamber with the client being treated.  Because of the high pressures involved, and the danger of improper release of pressure, specialized, highly sensitive control of the process must be maintained.  Care must be exercised in selection and installation of the proper components with proper safeguards for operation.  Shortcuts and bargains are to be avoided. 

Avoidance of misleading advertising and promotion


Cryosaunas are not medical devices and are unregulated by the FDA.  Although many operators are involved in various types of therapy and treatment, care must be exercised to avoid representations of medical or health benefits.  This caveat applies to all aspects of the cryo industry, from the manufacturer, to the marketing entity, and to the actual operator.  It is a paramount goal of ours to avoid any types of claims that would invoke regulatory involvement by the FDA or similar state agencies.

Maintenance and Software Upgrades


As with all equipment with computer monitoring and control, cryo equipment requires ongoing maintenance and attention to necessary upgrades to software operating systems.  While this is not the expertise of the Cryolegal Division of Lippe & Associates, we strongly recommend ongoing attention to these requirements, to assure the highest quality of treatment for the cryo client, and to adhere to safe operation of the equipment.